What is the Austin Music Co-op?

The first of its kind! The Austin Music Co-op was formed by SIS Promotions and the Austin Music Coalition to help unify musicians in Austin, TX. The Co-op is not just a place to live, but also a forum for community and ideas. This city is a music mecca. Together, musicians can get informed and organized. We can help the city and the citizens make Austin more conducive to a healthy, exciting, and lucrative career in music.

The Co-op is located at 5413 Guadalupe Street in a one-level, three-wing building near the Hyde Park neighborhood. There are 23 bedrooms, 15 bathrooms, and lots of common space. The common areas include a full kitchen, dining/lounge area, laundry room, sun patio, garden, fenced in yard, and office facilities with a copy center. There's high-speed Internet and wi-fi, easy access to campus and downtown bus lines, and much more. The setting encourages creativity and supports musicians' efforts to write, record and rehearse.

The Austin Music Co-op is sustained by the residents' active responsibility. This is an equal opportunity and community living program in which residents become members. Every member does 1-6 hours of weekly chores, such as participating in member meetings, helping to organize events, sharing the cooking, and living harmoniously in exchange for reduced costs of living.

Want a chance to meet with us? Come join us at our events and these local events around Austin.

Volunteer Hours
Monday - Friday
3PM -10PM
Saturday - Sunday
10AM - 10PM

June 27
Austin Music Co-op's Launch Party

SIS Promotions

Austin Music Foundation

Go Girls Music

Burn the Box

Texas Music Guide

5413 Guadalupe Stree - Austin, TX 78751